O U R   S T O R Y

It all started in 2009, with my husband as my inspiration. He has a keen eye for noticing when something is on my mind. So he asked me, and I told him...

I told him that I have a genuine passion for food. Lol, so he looked at me with a quirky smile, as though to say "everyone does." But that was just it... this passion was different.

I mean yes, we all like food, it's a means for survival. However, what I had was more than a desire to eat, I had a passion to create.

So that's exactly what I did! And in 2009, I made it a point to learn, so that I could take my passion and do something about it.

I took a deep breath and went for the dive, by signing up for a few Wilton classes. See, I had already graduated with my B.S. and we had just started our family.

Therefore, going back to college was kind of out of the question. (That's not to say, that I won't pursue culinary school in the future).


I enjoyed my classes so much, that I started making cakes for virtually almost every occasion. And so it has been a joyous ride ever since. 

In this journey, I have learned many things; however, one that stands out to me, is that, wherever your purpose is, your provision will be. So never give up in pursuing your dreams.

My affinity for food, has definitely led me to do so...